Hawkes Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Role of Local Authorities

While the Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group will be involved in the co-ordination of effort across the region, each organisation in the partnership retains its existing responsibilities for reducing risk, educating people about hazards and how to deal with them, and making sure response and recovery capability is good at a local level.

In Hawke's Bay, there is one regional council (Hawke's Bay Regional Council), and four territorial local authorities with civil defence responsibilities, they are:

In addition to being a part of the CDEM Group, each local authority must:

  • Plan and provide for CDEM within its district
  • Ensure that it is able to function to the fullest possible extent, even though this may be at a reduced level, during and after an emergency.

Each council appoints a civil defence or emergency management officer, either on a fulltime or part-time basis.  Their work involves:

  • Updating and maintaining action plans to cover any possible civil defence event,
  • Advising the community, including business and industry, how to prepare,
  • Recruiting and training volunteers who provide response and coordination at a community level,
  • Assisting schools and pre-school groups with civil defence education.

Apart from this day to day role, local authorities maintain a system for managing major emergencies.  It provides co-ordination and emergency management when a disastrous event is so big that normal emergency and essential services cannot cope on their own without additional assistance.

Paid and volunteer staff come together to provide Civil Defence control usually at an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) were there can be coordination of the emergency response.  Civil Defence works with emergency services to gather information about the event and the damage involved so resources such as people or equipment, can be allocated where the need is greatest and most urgent.

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